Puppy Application Agreement

The price of my puppies is $950.00 for an AKC healthy pet puppy.  A deposit of $150.00 will hold a puppy.  As I receive the deposit will determine in what order your name goes on the list.  The $150.00 deposit will be deducted from the full amount of the puppy.  Also please be sure that you are interested in purchasing a puppy before you sign this contract because the $150.00 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE!!  But can be used on a puppy from the next available litter.





Print and send it to:

Lanzendorfer’s Kennel

PO Box 91

Newry, PA 16665

Or Call (814) 695-8306


Name:______________________________     Co-Owner:_________________________


Home Phone:________________________       Work Phone:______________________

Fax:________________________________      Email:____________________________

Sex of puppy:________________________       Color:____________________________

Family Pet or Breeding Dog:____________


1.        The applicant(s) understand that if a puppy of their sex is not available from this litter, then the applicant shall either accept a puppy of the opposite sex or accept a puppy of their chosen sex from the next available litter.

2.        The applicant(s) understands that the puppy is chosen on the basis of the order in which I receive applicants.

3.        The breeder cannot and does not in any manner guarantee the applicant a puppy from their litter of choice.  While the breeder is careful not to over-commit the puppies from any given litter, the breeder cannot make guarantees where there are less then 6 puppies in the litter.

4.        Final payment shall be in cash or money order prior to the puppy leaving my home.

5.        Applicant(s) can come visit puppies at 4 weeks of age; Breeder will set up a time and day for the visit.


My puppies are sold with a Limited Registration unless sold with the agreement.  The puppy sold is registered but no litters produced by this puppy are eligible for registration.  This AKC procedure helps protect established breeding programs.  PUPPIES CAN LEAVE TO GO TO NEW HOMES AT 7 WEEKS OF AGE.


By signing this application you agree to all stated terms.


Name: (printed):______________________________________________Date:______________________




Name: (printed):______________________________________________Date:______________________