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               Dog Treats Recipes

                                                                  Liver treats

                                                   1--- lb of Liver


                                                   1---Tabspoon garlic powder

                                                   11/2--cup whole wheat flour

                                                   1 cup oatmeal

                                     Add uncooked liver a little at a time in a blender ,stir in egg, Mix flour oatmeal and garlic into separate bowl, then gradually adding dry ingredients, then pour into a greased pan. Cook at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Now just remember your doing this for your pet so if the house doesn't smell the best its for all the love you have for your pet!!!

                                                            They LOVE them!!!


                    Homemade Frosty Paws


                                                         32oz  vanilla Yogurt

                                                        1 Tabspoon mashed banana or use baby fruit in a jar

                                                        2 Tabspoon peanut butter

                                                         2 Tabspoon honey

              Blend together and put in 3 oz paper cups, puppy paws what ever you have .